By checking this box, and in consideration of Accuray Incorporated (together with its affiliates, “Accuray”) introducing you to a third party physician as part of the remote physician-to-physician program, you acknowledge and agree that: (i) Accuray, as a medical device manufacturer cannot and does not directly or indirectly recommend specific treatment approaches or provide any medical advice, including any medical advice regarding the appropriate use of any Accuray products; (ii) Accuray has no intention to directly or indirectly influence the establishment or the execution of your internal policies or the manner in which you treat your patients; (iii) you must independently determine the appropriate treatments reflecting the medical necessity of your patients; and (iv) Accuray shall have no liability to you or your affiliates in connection with the physician-to-physician program or for any statements made by any third party physician(s) to whom you are introduced, none of whom are employees, agents, or representatives of Accuray.